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Enriching & nurturing the next generation of public sector leaders.

The Legislative Mentorship Initiative (LMI) attracts and trains dedicated young professionals to serve and excel in the public service, particularly the legislature.

LMI is driven by our response to the need for outstanding & excellent leaders in the public sector of Nigeria.

The Legislative Mentorship Initiative (LMI) is a special programme created by Rt. Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila with the goal of empowering and preparing young leaders who are interested in public service by giving them the practical experience they need to participate in governance, politics, and decision-making processes. It is also designed to provide them with the assistance needed for them to succeed and reach the pinnacle of their professions in this regard.

Why the work LMI does is important

A unique opportunity for public sector leadership talent to be discovered, nurtured and enhanced.
Rigorous hands-on learning opportunities in the broad areas of public sector leadership.
Identify, train, and equip a new generation of ethical public sector leaders.

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Rt. Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila

Speaker, 9th House of Representatives,
Federal Republic of Nigeria &
Founder, LMI

Building Tomorrows Leaders, ‘A Joint Task’

As I have reiterated over the years, nation building is a joint task that cannot be completed without our youth, so is the task of building tomorrows leaders. The youth are the fulcrum of every nation - the foundation upon which the present and future of every society is built. The critical and indispensable role of the youth in sustainable nation building underscores the essence of the Legislative Mentorship Initiative (LMI).

LMI seeks to deliberately, intentionally and consistently groom the successor generation of public sector leaders, especially legislators, to possess and demonstrate deep values of character, competence and capacity, in order to enhance good governance in our country.

The vision of LMI is to institute a distinct and impactful legislative mentorship initiative envisaged to be the most remarkable, recognised and impactful of its kind in the whole of Africa. LMI will target young Nigerians who have demonstrated patriotism, commitment and visionary leadership in their various spheres of interest or their communities. The Initiative aims to transform participants into credible and capable public sector leaders, by reshaping their public service ideology, challenging them to envision and commit to building a stronger public sector, as well as preparing and positioning them to take on the reins of leadership.

This initiative, as promising as it is, cannot be realised without strategic partnerships. While conceptualising the Initiative, we realised we could not do this alone and needed partners with diverse capabilities for the programme to succeed.

We are therefore delighted to invite you partner with us in this highly critical sojourn to sustainable nation building and unleashing the potential of our young leaders.

I thank you for your kind cooperation and support to this initiative. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.