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Fellowship Programme

Get indepth understanding of practical leadership models and navigate the public sector for impact. The Fellowship level features simulations and hands-on practice which include:
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The Programme Features

The LMI programme is designed and targeted at equipping and empowering dynamic young leaders interested in public sector leadership especially in legislative by providing them with necessary hands-on training and engagement in governance and public service through collaborative and inclusive leadership.

Selection Criteria

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Case Studies
Group Discussions
Group/Individual Assignments

Selection Criteria

Citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
Strong and demonstrable leadership skills with a demonstrable and credible track record of service to community and society
English fluency (oral and written) & development of creativity and innovation for practical, workable solutions, inclusive and sustainable
Patriotic, visionary and passionate about Nigeria's stability, growth and development with Interest and vision for participating in the Nigerian legislature
Willingness to commit to the values and full programme of the LMI
Ages 21 - 35

What You Will Learn

Module 1

Fundamentals of Nation Building

The Ideology of Nation Building
Development Ideologies: A Case Study
The Nigerian Development Vision
Inclusive Governance for Nation Building
Including People Living with Disabilities
Gender Inclusion
Youth Inclusion
Historical Development of Nigeria: The
Journey from Country to Nationhood
The Trajectory of Nigeria’s Constitution
Tour of Discovery Museum
Mentor Exchange (MentX): A One-on-One Exchange With Seasoned Leaders And Role Models

Module 2

Parliament: The Heart of Democracy

Parliamentary Democracy & Nation Building
Legislative Symbols, Sittings and Proceedings
Screening & Analysis of the Movie “Tenants of the House”
The Legislature as the Anchor of Democracy
Developing the Culture of Service:
Strengthening Constituency Engagement & Development for National Development
Constituency Engagement Simulations & Case Studies
Learning visit to National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies (NILDS)
Nigeria's Rich Parliamentary History
Hands-on Workshop on “Rudiments of Legislative Drafting: Writing Excellent & Impactful Motions, Bills and Reports”
Documentary on the Nigerian Legislature/Team Building & Networking Activity
National Assembly learning visit: Observe Plenary at the Green Chambers
Tour of the National Assembly and Meet & Greet with Legislators
Becoming a Parliamentarian: Steps, Processes, Financing & Outcomes
Parliamentary Diplomacy: Legislative Interventions in Policy Making, Democracy and Development
Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation for Africa's Development
Mock Parliamentary Sitting
Mentor Exchange (MentX): A One-on-One Exchange With Seasoned Leaders And Role Models

Module 3

Soft Skills for the Effective Legislator

Emotional Intelligence & Non-Violent Communication
Protocol & Etiquette
Building a Personal Brand & Reputation as a Core Asset
Leaving a Legacy of Excellence: Tenacity, Steadfastness and Determination to Succeed
Cultivating Relationships, Managing Stakeholders & Lobbying
Workshop on “Practical Skills for Building Teams, Networks and Partnerships for Effective Legislative Leadership”
Strategic Development Communication & Effective Public Relations
Workshop on “Effective Parliamentary Debating & Public Speaking”
Legislative Ethics, Privileges & Values
Workshop on “Critical Thinking & Problem Solving “
weeks of focused and integrated learning
Fellows will be selected
States of Nigeria,
plus the FCT

Begin the Journey to Excellent Leadership

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How to Apply

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Fill and submit online application form

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Submit Personal Statement & Curriculum Vitae (CV)

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Upload a one-minute application video

People living with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

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