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To develop the next generation of legislators and ethical public sector leaders that are well equipped with responsive leadership skills, knowledge and expertise to enhance public service delivery and foster national cohesion
Applications for 2023 are now closed.

Preparing the Successor Generation of Public Sector Leaders

As I have reiterated over the years, nation building is a joint task that cannot be completed without our youth. The youth are the fulcrum of every nation - the foundation upon which the present and future of every society is built. The critical and indispensable role of the youth in sustainable nation building underscores the essence of the Legislative Mentorship Initiative (LMI).

Begin the Journey to Excellent Leadership

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An ecosystem for nurturing excellent leadership.

A better society requires a new generation of excellent public sector leaders. The youth must be motivated by positive role modeling and deliberate nurturing to impart to them the understanding of what it takes to serve in public office, the lurking challenges, and the strategic frameworks for success and impact.




Career Development

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